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Download Subnautica for Windows & read reviews. Learn to survive on an alien world. Additional Notes: Subnautica is an Early Access game, and recommended specifications may change during development. Installation instructions: If you do not know how to install the game on your mac, CLICK HERE NOW. Subnautica MAC Game English (multi-languages) Free Download. Subnautica Below Zero Free Download Mac Eastside Hockey Manager Free Download Mac Microsoft Office 2014 Mac Free Download Full Version Sims 3 Free Download Mac 2019 Iphone To Mac Transfer Free Download Wontube Free Video Converter Download Mac Adobe Flash Player 10.5 Free Download Mac Microsoft Photo Story Free Download Mac.

Subnautica Mac Download Free Download

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Subnautica MacOSX is a game based on an underwater adventure and is set on an ocean planet of aliens. Awaiting you with it is a massive, open completely stuffed with wonder and peril. You make a crash-landing on an ocean world of aliens, and the only path you can see is to go down. The oceans of this game range from shallow coral reefs drenched from the sun to deep-sea trenches, and bio-luminescent rivers that exist underwater. Take care of your supply of oxygen while you explore the forests, reefs, plateaus, and cave systems winding into one another. The relation of water with life is complicated: Little in the amount of it is helpful, a greater amount of it is harmful.

After you crash land in your Life Pod, your time starts running out and you must find water, food, and develop the equipment you need to explore. Look over the ocean to collect resources. Craft knives, lights, and watercraft. For rafting, advanced items venture deeper and further to find rarer resources.

File Information :

  • Name : Subnautica
  • File Type : Dmg File
  • Languages : English

System Requirements :

  • Intel, 64-bit processor.
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher.

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Subnautica Mac Download Free

Subnautica is an ocean exploration sci-fi game that lets you explore the endless expanses of the ocean. The advantage of this game is how you can turn off the survival mode so that you are more free to explore the world. The constant risk of drowning makes the game more exciting because you are always juggling among the different conflicts. Subnautica does a great job of varying up the landscape, and the surprises keep coming.

In a way, Subnautica could be compared to Minecraft when you first start with that sense of excitement, danger and adventure. Minecraft, however, starts to lose that after you have played for a while, and it becomes more tedious. On the other hand, Subnautica keeps that sense of danger and adventure throughout. You always have another sea cave or shipwreck to explore, and there is always something new to see.

The game takes place in an ocean setting where you can build an underwater base. Having the flexibility to explore wherever you want gives you a lot of freedom in seeing the different underwater life. Some of the technology that you can build is also quite interesting. For example, you have one machine for exploring underwater caves that works like a thread that you can follow back to keep from getting lost. Like in Minecraft, you can make a variety of different objects. The bases do sometimes lack complexity, but that also gives you the advantage that you do not mess it up and build something terrible.

Subnautica free download 2018 macSubnautica

Subnautica has what is known as oxygen pipes, and they are intended to help you survive underwater and continue with the exploration. This is a first-person survival game, and it is not like your average survival game. Not only do the graphics look fantastic, you have a game that continues to push the tension. In fact, it is one of the best early access games, and you have a variety of different elements. Unlike some of the other survival games, where Subnautica separates itself is that you have an actual reason to survive. You investigate your original shipwreck, and you will find a lot of crafting materials in the shipwrecks. You can also try to stop the radiation from polluting the water. The crafting items go into building blueprints, and you have a wide variety of items.

The game boasts a diverse variety of plants and animals that keeps your explorations a constant mystery. You can find crashes all over the ocean to make materials for your underwater bases. This game can be taken from many different angles, but it could benefit from multiplayer. Not necessarily turning it into an MMORPG, but having three or four players to explore with would make the game twice as exciting.

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Subnautica Mac Download Free

Subnautica For Mac


  • Stunning Graphics
  • Cool Underwater Bases
  • Much to Explore
  • An Interesting Story Mode


Subnautica Mac Download Free Software

  • Needs Better Sound Effects and More Variation
  • Would Benefit from Multiplayer