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Snood Slide is a brand new puzzle game. Your goal is to turn the entire board to gold. You do this by forming groups of three or more Snoods.You can slide the rows and columns to form groups of Snoods. But watch out for the Numbskulls that can block your move!

There are two game types: Journey, and Gauntlet.

Play the Journey mode at your own pace without time pressure.

Free Download Snood kanggo Mac, gawe ketagihan game puzzle / strategi. Snood is a fun puzzle game that tests your intellect rather than your reflexes. Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil, Armageddon, Journey and Puzzle modes. Snood is great fun for all ages! Play with the newest Snood characters or use the classic set from the original Snood game! Customer support is available via the Snood Plus Support link.

The Gauntlet mode is a speed game where then Danger Bar fills up at a constant rate – when it hits the top, you get a Numbskull. Every time you make a match, the Danger Bar speeds up a tiny amount– BUT, whenever you fill the board with all gold, it slows down a little. So, the key to doing well at Gauntlet is to have a low Snood Ratio.

ATTENTION, For MAC users: This version will only work on OS X 10.14 and older.

Snood for mac free download free

Snood is an exceptionally well-known and addictive arcade-style game that was first produced in 1996, and it is quite similar to the 'block breaker' game style.

Snood has been around for more than 20 years, and during that time it has gone from being a staple of high school computer labs and college dorm rooms to one of the most iconic and well-respected games of its type. It is a fairly simple game that hasn't changed much since it was first created, which just goes to show how perfect the basic game already was.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward. The player operates a cannon that fires 'Snoods' from the bottom of the gaming screen up to a game-generated mash of awaiting Snoods. The player can remove those awaiting Snoods by creating bundles of at least three of the same Snood. Any connected group of three identical Snoods will instantly disappear, freeing up the Snoods behind them to be destroyed as well. The interesting thing is that Snoods beneath those that disappear will be knocked away if they don't maintain a connection with another Snood.

As the player shoots Snoods into the arena, the top of the game area slowly lowers toward the gun. The object of the game is for the player to remove all the Snoods before the top of the gaming area pushes the existing Snoods down past the level of the gun. If the player fails, the remaining Snoods turn into skulls, and the game is over.

Snood is one of those games that caught the attention of a growing group of young computer users at the right moment in time. That is part of the reason for the game continuing to exist with a thriving online group of players who still love the game as if they just started playing it. Compared to modern games in even the same style, Snood is very basic, and the graphics are nothing exceptional. The game is popular because it has a good pace, the interface is easy to understand, and the rules are basic. In that sense, this game is a lot like Tetris.

There are a number of different puzzles that can be chosen, and the difficultly level ranges from Child to Evil, so there is certainly room for players to grow. Players can track their scores on the main screen of the game, and with so many different options, it is likely players will return time and time again.

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Some of the more recent adaptations of the game have some porting issues that make it slightly more difficult to play, such as some pixelation and lagging issues, but the majority of these problems don't affect the overall gameplay. Players will also notice some changes from the older versions of the game, such as the inclusion of a Fast Mode, the ability to check for game updates at any moment, and a worldwide leaderboard where players can compare their skills.

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Multiple Game Levels
  • Multiple Difficultly Levels
  • Single-Click Settings

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Snood For Mac Free Download Free

  • Some Minor Screen Pixelation