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EA Mobile’s Scrabble for iPad is a lovely translation of the popular board game that makes excellent use of the iPad’s extra screen size. It couldn’t be easier to play: you just grab a tile with your finger and drag it onto the game board to the spot where you want to place it. It’s a simple, obvious game mechanic that makes playing this classic game even more fun than the old school method.

Scrabble Go I would give this a 5 star however it has a very annoying problem when playing Duels start to play free then suddenly goes blank lost my free turn so I load up game again it says oh welcome back go back to duels oh have to pay now we’ll use my gems or tickets to play again does this all the time so I basically can’t play it over and over again it happens. I have loved Scrabble since I was a kid. Played it successfully for 20 years on my computer (Mac Book Pro) When I updated my operating system, I was notified that I could no longer use my Scrabble game purchased from the Game Store. I presently have Catalina. Scrabble Challenge #15: What Would Be Your First Move in Words with Friends? News: 50 Years Later, Dabble Materializes into a Scrabble Friendly Word Game App for iPhone Scrabble Challenge #4: How Fast Are You at Building Words? Find Out Scrabble Challenge #16: Finding 6-Letter Words in 7. Download Scrabble for Mac to classic game is back and better than ever before. Join or Sign In. Sign in to add and modify your software. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with email. Scrabble 3.0 for Mac can be downloaded from our software library for free. The actual developer of this software for Mac is Lemon Games, SL. The size of the latest installer available is 285 KB. The program belongs to Games. Our antivirus scan shows that this Mac download is malware free.

There are five different game modes, though each features the same basic gameplay mechanics. There’s the solo game, which allows you to either play against an AI opponent or a simplified solo game where you’re the only player and it’s always your turn. There’s a local network mode, where you can face off against other Scrabble for iPad players on other iPads on your same network. “Pass’N Play” is the same basic idea, only you play against other opponents on the same iPad. This one relies on the honor system to ensure that no one looks at their opponent’s letter tiles.


The “Party Play” mode is one that’s gotten a lot of hype because it lets your iPhone or iPod Touch interact directly with the iPad game, and serve as your personal tile rack. In this way, up to four players can take part in the same game (assuming they have four spare iPhones between them) and the iPad serves more as a traditional board game, centered in a stationary position between the players. The last mode is particularly nifty, letting your iPad game interact directly with the Facebook version of Scrabble. Challenge your Facebook friends to a game, and they’ll take their turns on Facebook’s app while you play your turns from your iPad.

Scrabble for mac computer downloadScrabble For Macbook Pro Download

For each of these modes, there are several different game styles, such as Classic, 75 and 150 point games, and set numbers of rounds of just 8 or 12. In solo mode, you can play on Easy, Medium, or Hard settings, but be warned that the AI can be very challenging even on the “Medium” setting, often drawing words out of the dictionary that you’ll never have heard of. Another option lets you use the built-in music or have the game play from your music library (or play nothing at all, if you prefer).

Scrabble For Mac Computer Download

Scrabble For Macbook Pro Download

The game board is attractively rendered, putting your tile rack and all other game options right at your fingertips. A small scoreboard displays all the stats from your current game, which is helpful if you looked away from the game during your opponent’s last turn and didn’t see what word they placed or how much they scored. A dictionary button comes in handy when you’re not sure if your planned word is actually a word. A “Tiles Left” button displays a list of all of the remaining letters that haven’t yet been dispersed to players. And the “Best Word” button will search the dictionary and match your tiles to the best, highest-scoring word you can possibly place on the board; the catch is that you can do this no more than 4 times per game. A pair of buttons by the tile rack let you shuffle the tiles at random or swap tiles, which just like in the board game, forfeits your current turn.

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At the top left of the screen, you’ll find a thoughtful inclusion that most iOS games never bother to provide: a battery icon that displays how much power you have left on your device. This is especially helpful since the game tends to drain your battery faster than you’d expect.

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There’s not a whole lot I can say that’s negative about Scrabble for iPad. It does exactly what you expect it to do with a crisp, clean interface and no glitches that I could find. It’s just extremely well done.