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I need to download the El Capitan to install on my Mac computer. What is the best place to download the El Capitan dmg or El Capitan iso.

Is this a good question?

Now you can easily use the above files to run OS X 10.11 on your Mac or MacBook. Mac OS X El Capitan Download – Overview, Key Features, and Demo Video: Even though Apple keeps releasing software updates and almost every apple user keeps on waiting for a new operating system. OS X built-in apps are even better in El Capitan. Safari now features Pinned Sites to keep your favorite websites open and active and a new mute button to quickly silence browser audio from any tab. Mail introduces Smart Suggestions, which recognizes names or events in a Mail message and prompts you to add them to your contacts or calendar with a single click.


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Macbook Pro Os X 10.11 Downloadnload

I've been looking for El Capitan for weeks and today I finally managed to get it.

The Appstore no longer has OS X El Capitan available to download.

To solve this issue follow this link:


The Appstore only has updates but not the original OS. So If you did not download El Capitan before it was removed from the App Store then you will not be able to get it from the Appstore anymore. You can now only download it via alternative sources, Just make sure they are trusted sources though. Hence I recommended the link above.


Hope this helps you also.

@Kate smith, They are illegally selling Apples software !


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Infographic over the many versions of OSX/macOS

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@katemor Its not true that App Store no longer has El Capitan as download. It does not have it as download, if your Apple-ID has never registered a machine with El Capitan. Otherwise they are still there.

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And your link points to a place, which charges $20 for Apple software. Not quite legal...