Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro

By: Tech Desk New Delhi Updated: November 25, 2020 7:47:37 am
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Five secret things you might not know your Chromecast can do. (Image credit: Google)

Since its release, Google Chromecast has become a really popular media streaming device. Its claim to fame has to be how it transforms a “dumb’ TV into a smart TV. Because of its accessible price and a simple control method using a smartphone, it’s more popular than the Apple TV and other streaming devices.

When you need to display an application on your TV that does not have built-in Chromecast support, it is possible to display your PC or Mac's entire desktop. Google calls the feature experimental. Google’s new Chromecast with Google TV is a $50 streaming media player that combines the convenience of a Chromecast device with the full feature set you’d expect from a set-top box like a. But the Apple TV app isn't just for watching Apple's own content and movie rentals (which would be subject to Google's latest in-app purchasing rules if it was supported on Chromecast).


Even though millions of people use Chromecast, there are still a lot of things that not everyone knows about this tiny streaming device. It’s able to do more than just casting Netflix or YouTube from your smartphone to a TV. There are some hidden features on the Chromecast that many users have virtually no idea about. Let’s dive in.

Playing games using Chromecast on your TV

Not many people are aware that they can play games using Chromecast. Sure you won’t be able to run popular AAA titles but the Chromecast can be a fun device to play a variety of arcade games, appealing to both individuals and families. How about Just Dance Now, Angry Birds Go, or AirConsole? Just download games on your Android phone or iPhone and use them as a controller, while the game runs on the TV. Most games are free to download, with some title offering in-app purchases.

Cast Spotify on the TV using Chromecast. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro 15

Use Chromecast to cast Spotify to your TV

If you listen to music on Spotify, then you can easily cast the songs to the TV using Chromecast. No remote required — all you need to open the Spotify app on the smartphone, play the track, select the devices available, and then select the Chromecast to cast the music to your TV. For other music services such as Gaana, Wynk Music, Hungama Music, JioSaavn and YouTube Music, the process remains the same.

Beam a presentation in Google Slides on the big screen. (Image credit: Google)

Cast Google Slides on the TV

Working on an important presentation with a lot of graphics and pictures but now sure about how it looks on the big screen? Don’t worry, you can show your presentation to your dad or a family member for feedback and comments on the TV using Chromecast. The catch is that the feature is limited to Google Slides. If you are making a presentation in Google Slides, just tap the Cast button in the top right corner, and beam your slides to the big screen from the Google Slides app for iOS and Android

Cast Google Photos with Chromecast. (Image credit: Google)

Cast your holiday pics on a TV using Chromecast

Wanted to show your European holiday pictures to your cousins but don’t know how to do it? Well, Chromecast is the easiest way to cast Google Photos on the TV. Open the Google Photos on your Android smartphone or iPhone, look for the Cast option on top of the Google Photos app, and tap to connect. This is where the Chromecast comes in handy. Your phone will probably need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.

Google Home. (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan/Indian Express)

Connect Google Home to Chromecast

Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro 2020

If you own a Chromecast, then can now sync music with Google Home speakers. That means you can play a song or podcast on Spotify or a movie on Netflix both through your TV and through Home speakers anywhere in your home. Of course, you need a Chromecast, a TV and a Google Home device. When the two devices are linked together, you can say “Hey Google, play A Suitable Boy from Netflix on Chromecast.

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I’ve seen many newbies who never had chromecast before facing the problem while installing and setting it up and one of those basic problems which one faces is the question how to connect to chromecast using MacBook and let me tell you that even if you don’t have MacBook in your possession then also you can set it up by using your iPhone.

Here I’ve given a solution for how to connect to chromecast from mac laptop and those who don’t own MacBook can use the second method to set up the chromecast using an iPhone. So go ahead and check out these methods.

Method 1:-Setting up the Chromecast By Using MacBook

Google chromecast mirror macbook pro

Following are the steps which you will need to follow to successfully set up the chromecast by using Mac. So go ahead and follow these steps.

  • The first thing which you will have to do is to unbox your google chromecast and then plug that chromecast to HDMI port of your TV and connect the USB power cable to the TV or to the charger and pug that into the power socket.
  • Now use the remote control of your TV to change the source input of your television to the right HDMI port into which you just plugged in google chromecast. You will need not to change the source input if you’re using modern television because these televisions are made in that order which will connect to the new device which had been attached to it.
  • Now make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the chrome browser in your Marcos and if you don’t then you can download it from the official site of chrome here. However, if you’ve already installed the chrome browser in your Marcos then open it up and go to the .
  • Now after you open up the above link you will able to see the content of below image in which you’ll have to click on “set up your chromecast.
  • Now you will have to accept the privacy and terms and conditions of using chromecast and after click on agree button. Now after you accept the terms and conditions chrome browser will search and will connect with the nearest chromecast available in the wifi network.
  • Now on your screen of chrome browser, you will see this image below and you will have to click on “set me up button” to continue.
  • After that, you will have to connect with the wifi network of your chromecast and you can do that by clicking on the wifi icon on your MacBook.
  • Now after connecting with the chromecast network, you will have to click on “next” button in order to get the confirmation code on your MacBook which shall be matching the code on your TVs screen.

Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro Windows 10

  • Now in the next step, you will be asked to set up your desired name for your google chromecast and you can edit the default name just like the image in the below.
  • And now you will be asked to confirm your wifi settings and password which you will have to do in order to cast the chromecast successfully and after that, you will be able to to use your chromecast easily on your television.

So this is how you will get an answer to your questions like how to use chromecast using the mac and you can set up the chromecast to your TV without using a MacBook too and it’s not that much hard as it seems to you. because it takes a little bit of effort to set it up and that’s why I’m here written down a second method in which I’ve mentioned a complete guide for those who want to set up chromecast.

Setting up Google Chromecast without MacBook laptop

Those who own mac can use the above-mentioned technique to set up chromecast successfully but, those who don’t have any laptop can also do that with the help of iPhone. There’s no need to own a laptop to set up chromecast because all you need is a perfect wifi connection and an Android/iPhone device.

So these are the steps which one has to follow to set up the google chromecast by using iPhone or without mac laptop

  • First, you will have to connect the chromecast to the HDTV and Make Initial Checks. So plugin chromecast in right HDMI port
  • Now download the chromecast app in your iPhone and one can do that by following this link. Also, make sure that you have enabled the wifi on.
  • Now open the app and you will see there the nearest chromecast devices connecting to it and select the one which you want to connect. After selecting the chromecast device click on next and it will set it up successfully.
  • After you set up the chromecast device from your app you will be able to see the new screen on your TV and in that you will be able to see code display on it and make sure that the code is matching with the app and that’s it.

I’ve seen many peoples who don’t know how to use google chromecast on mac and that’s the answer which for those guys. So if you want to watch tons of good Netflix movies or Hulu’s great television then you can do that with this perfect chromecast and HDTV combination.


So by following these simple steps, you will be able to know how to use google chromecast on MacBook very easily and we hope you liked this article. However, if you are having any trouble while setting up chromecast with mac laptop then you can tell us about it via comment section and we’ll try our best to resolve it.

Have a nice day ahead.